Saturday, February 7, 2009

Whistling While I Work

"There are times I do actually enjoy cleaning." "In [this] job that MUST be done, there IS an element of fun." I WANT TO CLEAN MY APARTMENT REALLY REALLY BADLY. 

The only problem is that after all of my errands today there still wasn't enough time left to scrub my sink, and shower, and black porous ceramic blotches ("out damn spot" for sure), and remove all the hard water stains, and mop the kitchen floor, and vacuum the carpet, and organize my kitchen supplies (not to mention groceries), and hang clocks on the wall, and lemon-oil the cabinets, and de-black mark the base boards, and un-smudge the light fixture plates, and dust the TV, and wash the windows, and "George Wadsworth Winfield, how could you do this to us? The drapes are too short, the rugs are too small, and I can't find a place for the piano anywhere", and GAAA I CAN'T LIVE HERE, IT'S FILTHY! 

Okay, so I don't want to clean my apartment. I want to give it a thorough overhaul. I want to "give it a hard scrubbing from turret to dungeon" and I want to do it now. TODAY. Too bad I only have a half hour left with which to dilly dally. *sigh*


Rachel EM said...

I DID IT! Okay, so I still have a few things left, but I got most of the high-tech scrubbing done. Heaven bless the makers of sudsy-ammonia and lime-away. :)

The Cooks said...

sweet nothings into my heart. ahhhh cleaning!!! I think I'll go do some right now.

Taylor said...

It's really nice having a clean-freak roommate who bakes a lot. :)

MomM said...

Did I raise a bunch of "clean-freaks"? NO! I prefer to think of you all as organized and tidy. The imagery is more appealing! ( And no...our last name is not Cleaver!)