Monday, February 2, 2009


"It just might be the KEY to the whole plot. Get it? [Got it.] Good."

Today I paid three month's worth of rent and picked up the key to my apartment. There it lay, tangible in my hand. W-H-O-A. I've moved away from home before, in the sense of "hey, I'm moving four blocks away from home and leaving nearly all my possessions with Mom and Dad." It always felt like I was having an extended, paid-for slumber party elsewhere. This is different. I'm not just moving away, I'm moving out. Apart from a cedar-chest, four boxes of books, and a telescope, EVERYTHING I own is coming with me.

Most students leave tons of personal belongings at home while they move away to college. How's this for a unique situation: while I'm in college, home is moving away from me.

In a few weeks there will be no home for me, period.Think of the song, "please come home for Christmas." The holidays pop up and I'll think "what sibling do I chose to visit?" because there'll be no home to go home to.(To all my siblings, I realize that I'm welcome to stay with any of you any time, thank you, thank you, thank you, but you know exactly what I'm saying. Provo was home to you too, but you're all married and settled with your families in your own homes--it IS different for me.) My apartment actually is "my place" now. I... don't have another one. I feel like an island.
And that's... weird. And yet... kind of exciting. :)


Heather said...

Oh Rach... I sooo know how you feel. Same thing happened to me while I was in college, except you have control of where your things are going. As for me, my childhood "things" that I left in my cozy room while I went to college are now somewhere far away, in an unfamiliar storage unit in California, probably never to be seen again. I didn't get to say goodbye to my house full of memories. My parents up-ed and moved very quickly, then a year later the house burned down! When Matt and I got married I came 'home' to a weird, unfamiliar house far away from my hometown. I know how you feel. I promise.

Bill said...

"I'd like to get in, get it over with, get out, and get on with it. Get it? [Got it.] Good."

Danny Kaye quotes = Rachel is cool.

And saying things that make me think of Simon & Garfunkel songs is also cool. You are a rock. You may, in fact, even be an island. Documented fact.

But not as cool as Danny Kaye.

Also on the upside, you've got friends who think you're pretty awesome! :-D

Alicia said...

Hang on, Rach! You never know what's around the corner. :) And plus, I want you to come to TX for Thanksgiving!

Rachel EM said...

Dang, Heather. I hadn't heard that whole story before. Your story as quite so similar to mine, you totally know how I feel! Gosh.