Monday, February 9, 2009

No, really?

Bill recently brought to my attention that Buddy Hackett (whom I know as Marcellus from the movie version of The Music Man) also is the voice-actor for Scuttle on The Little Mermaid. I'm not sure how I was unaware of this, but geez, now I even see a slight-resemblance in the seagull's face. Beautiful hindsight, eh? Yes. And all this came out after Bill made a hillarious reference to Scuttle doing the shipoopi. It was such a great image that I HAD to post about it, just on the off-chance someone else might not know. Alicia? Melissa? Eh?


The Cooks said...

seriously how could you not know that. Kenny even knew that. that's right....feel the shame.

Taylor said...


Alicia said...

okay, I'm not sure if I knew that and forgot it, or if I never knew it, but I'm with you on this one.