Friday, January 23, 2009

Oooh, who's the pretty girl?

Halloween at the Jerusalem Center. 

My costumes are usually much more creative, but I had to make do with what I had. I dressed up like a Zombie from Thriller. My make-up was awesome, and I even scared a couple people. Don't I look hot? Hahaha--the sad thing was that I got ready in FIVE MINUTES TOTAL. I just smeared albolene over a ton of mascara and eyeliner, rubbed it all over my face, smudged lipstick under my eyes, covered my lips with foundation and then creased red lines over that.... and put conditioner in my dry hair to make it look greasy/lanky/and frazzled all at the same time. (It smelled really good, like Garnier stuff, and I had people smelling it all night. That was odd cause I looked so frightening.) 

Caleb went as Lawrence of Arabia. I kept teasing him that he looked more like Professor Quirrell from Harry Potter. We took this picture together because we were the two ANES majors at the JC that semester. 


The Cooks said...

totally Quirrell. Seriously though - awesome Thriller zombie - can you do the dance though?

Rachel EM said...

Oh yeah. I was super excited for when they played the music. I know a bunch of different segments. :)