Friday, January 16, 2009

Behold! The Fanny Pack!

AH! The JCenter fanny pack. How kind it is to stow everything you'll need in it's pick-pocket-protected-pockets, whilst maintaining quick-shekel-accessibility. Not just another fanny pack... THIS is a fashion statement. See? Even all the cool girls wear them.


The Cooks said...

That is smooth baby. Admit still wear yours around town. Has anyone ever had theirs taken - or ripped from their body in town or something like that?

Rachel EM said...

To my knowledge none has ever been taken in the history of the JC fanny packs. And no--I do not wear mine around town, nor would I, even if I actually owned it. (We had to leave them... they're school property.) Besides-- I nearly always wore mine as a purse anyway: using it for a shoulder strap instead of a belt. TA DA!