Thursday, January 15, 2009

1st "restrict your remarks to the weather"

Meterologists designate these as "Mammatus clouds." They indicate turbulence in the atmosphere.

Photo taken in Iraq, 2006.


The Cooks said...

I have.....I have said yes. and No.

Rachel EM said...

HA! Hahahhahha. Nice one, Budds.

"Fanny wishes to know where the key to the silver is kept."
[What does Fanny want with the silver?]
"One can only presume she wants to count it."

The Cooks said...

I know right??? I thought you might like that one!

Alicia said...

Willaby...(if that's how you spell it). :)

Rachel EM said...

Willoughby... actually. Very close.

"I hope his wife plagues his heart out...does she care for olives?"