Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snowflake Bentley, My Hero

A scientist named Wilson A. Bentley used his own revolutionary technique to study individual snowflakes, capture and record their images. He discovered most of what we know today about snowflakes, including what makes them look the way they do. He wrote:

"...the beautiful six-sided symmetry of ever
y crystal was evidence of both the character of the cloud it came from, its altitude, electromagnetism, and temperature, as well as the rules inherent to the water molecule."

Take a second to observe some of his work, including the snowflake thermometer, a chart he made showing which general shapes flakes assume at differing temperatures. Learn more about Snowflake Bentley here. I learned about him from a picture book (cover shown below).

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Alicia said...

Okay, you remind me of dad with all his random facts. The snowflake thermometer is seriously cool! Thanks for the fun. :)