Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Portrait of a Seaman

Evidence that men used to pose for portraits: all physical traits were captured by the artist and the non-essentials (clothes) were filled in later so you only had to stand there until your face was done. (If you've ever seen Slipper & the Rose you'll see the prince move his head away from a cardboard cut-out of princely-garb after his face was sketched and it's very funny.)

I don't know who painted this or who the man is, but I love him, don't you? The soldier, that is. I'm sure he looked rather handsome in his uniform. The sketch of his hat resembles those worn by lieutenants in 'His Majesty's Royal Navy' around 1810. I think he must have been a dashing "left-tenant." Yum. Ha! I sound just like Lydia and Kitty-- "officers!"

Do you think he sailed on the Indefatigable with Captain Pellew and Horatio?

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shelly said...

He's gorgeous, Rachel. I think Cole could look like him, don't you? Hahaha! I do this with all my grandchildren...did it with my kids, too. I haven't been right yet, but it's fun!