Friday, June 4, 2010

The TONY's are coming! The TONY's are coming!

Nothing too exciting this year as far as I can tell.
Million-Dollar Quartet and Memphis look pretty snazzy. If I were to get free tickets to one of the nominated shows, I might pick Finnian's Rainbow, but I bet I'd settle on

Come Fly Away-- an
all dance musical to nothing but Frank Sinatra vocals + a big band. No script, no singing-- just movement tells the story. This show better win choreography! It's amah-zing.

A number of crazy new shows (including an Adamms Family musical) and "meh" fad musicals. I about panicked when I saw that my beloved
Ragtime is in revival and I wouldn't be able to go see it, but it appears that they've killed the magic completely; the choreography and acting are weak. All in all, I'm still excited for the show.



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Ohhhh yeah. Unfortunately we won't have as much with without Neil Patrick, but hey. What can you do. We get another gay man to host this year! Yay.