Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rustic Heaven

Everytime I see this picture my mind fills in the rest of the house, the outdoors, the scent of the mountain air, and suddenly I'm head-long inside a fantasy where I own some huge cabin-lodge-estate thing in the middle of mountainous-nowhere... perhaps Montana? Cowboy hats, sunrises, picnics, horseback riding-- again-- too carried away. I need to stop. Perhaps trapped inside during a thunderstorm! With a crackling fire, baking bread, a ragged old quilt... ahhh! Stop. Stop. Stop.

Ahem. The couch looks comfy enough to stay, even if it is too frilly. Khaki twill the couch and I'd go out of my mind!


Rachel EM said...

"Stop it now, or the man will come and take the crayons away from you--you won't be able to draw your pictures then, eh, will ya?"

Debbie said...

NICE!!! I must stop too!

Dylan said...

"You were WARNED!, I AM THE MAN!!!"

Rachel EM said...

"And the kid's glaring at me, and I'm thinkin how did I get into this position? I'm on your side!"

"....I AM THE MAN!"