Friday, May 28, 2010

Not-too-bad Retelling of Cinderella

Because people call me to say things like "I have to tell you about a show you'll love! Lost in Austen--" at which point I interrupt to say I've already seen it, and at which point the individual says "why didn't you tell me about it, then?" Whatever-- it's a long way of saying that I should probably pass along more of my good reviews so interested parties can discover them too. Expect to see more reviews, I guess.

Ahem. I love fairy tales; reading them, telling their stories, watching them in ballets and movies, I am always searching for another to become my next favorite. While still not my favorite, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister is quite good. Watch it free online.

Sort of depressing in the middle but with a dreamy, dreamy ending-- I so love the prince, even if the painter's apprentice is the real love interest of the film. Also, Iris' "high squeaky voice[] like the mice on Cinderella" might get on your nerves.

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