Friday, May 21, 2010

Not a Piece of Cake

I flatter myself-- but I must say I have a strong talent for research*. In fact, research papers have ceased to be difficult for me and instead are simply time consuming. Of course there is always the challenge of constructing the most clear, concise, and organized information (which no, I do not always do that requires effort, and rambling is so much more fun). But although research comes naturally to me, and though I'm forever discovering fun bits in my spare time, it still bites to have to do it for class.

At least I know how to pick fun topics.

"Piece of Cake: The Evolution of American Wedding Confections" is the title of my current historical work. Yay. I just spent typing a required 6 page plan for my history class this term-- yes you read that right, they now require that you turn in multiple paged PLANS for your paper. Revolting, isn't it? Ah well. At least I gathered 27 sources for my bibliography. That was the fun part!

*MOVIE QUOTE: "Research. Perfect for the feminine mind."


Julie said...

Um....can I read it when you're done? That sounds SO interesting. And there are never good books at the library on stuff like that.

Rachel EM said...

Ah! Julie! I suppose you can read it if you like. Have I told you lately that I love your guts?