Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sky High: Irresistible Three Layer Cakes

Since I was little I've loved looking through dessert pages of cookbooks, searching for things to bake. I tend to hit ruts in what I choose to make though. I've made my "triple layer cheesecake with raspberry sauce" more times than I can count, and last week I branched out. I cannibalized three recipes to make a Coconut Cake that was loaded with almond extract. Yum. And it looked good too. I had so much fun, I crept back into dreaming of my fantasy cook book: SKY HIGH. 

Fantasy cook book because I've drooled over it on for months without buying it. But I found it on sale, so I used birthday money my friend Joni gave me and finally caved into purchasing. I can't wait to paw my way through the pages! 

The best part are the rare-combination recipes and complimentary frostings. Take a look at these:

Halloween Sweet Potato Cake
Chocolate-Hazelnut Nutcracker Cake
Something Tasty... name I can't recall

... a three layer chocolate peanut butter cake. The frosting is peanut butter and cream cheese. The cake has sour cream in it. "Together it's horrible dangerous stuff, but when mixed in the right way (as only I know how) it makes the strongest...." hahahha. Can anybody finish that quote and name the movie?  

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