Saturday, August 23, 2008

Prison Break

My new favorite TV show: Prison Break. 9 days left! WAHOO!

The plot:

When Michael's brother is framed for the murder of the Vice President's brother, he decides to break him out of prison. Michael is a structural engineer. This is where it gets nuts: he has the blueprints for the prison tattooed on himself in a 3D's insane. Anyway. Part of the plan involves the prison infirmary, where he goes everyday for insulin shots that he doesn't need, but pretends to need by using an insulin suppressant drug called pugnac so he can fool the beautiful doctor (Sara)...who he ends up falling in love with. But that's season one.

Season four is about to start and I'm going crazy, because Michael thinks Sara's head was cut off... but she actually escaped from being held hostage so her head wasn't cut off, but he still thinks she's dead...even though she's not... and I'm dying to know how her head wasn't cut off. Especially since we SAW her head in a box in season three... although, since she's still alive it obviously was fake... dang, man. It sounds worse than it is. I'm just totally in love with this show. And the main character. Michael Scofield, Michael Scofield, Michael Scofield....

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